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Life Extending Stay-Fresh Packaging For Confectionary & Snacks

Permeability of confectionary, snack and packaging materials
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As Choc and Snack-aholics know, keeping a product fresh-tasting and free of problems like blooming is important.  In virtually every case the culprit-cause is water vapour seeping in (permeating) through the packaging.  For the manufacturer it’s a double-whammy as permeability is also a prime factor in the print quality of the pack.

The solution for both product development and quality control can be found in world-technology leader Versaperm’s permeability measurement equipment, which can measure the water (and other) vapour permeability of a huge range of materials and finished packs.  These include everything from metalized foil packages and sachets through to sugar coatings and edible barrier materials. 

Results are fast and typically accurate in the parts per million (PPM) range, parts per billion for some materials and vapours. Not only that but they are faster, more economical and can be produced under a wider range of conditions than ever before.  For some materials, results are produced in just 30 minutes, but even with the hardest-to-measure foils, results are normally produced in under 24 hours. 

The system is considerably faster and more accurate than using conventional gravimetric technique measurements, which take days or even weeks to perform.  It can also, optionally, measure not just water vapour permeability, but the permeability for virtually all gasses including Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Oxygen and even Hydrocarbons.

A full consultancy service is also available including fast-turnaround laboratory testing where required.


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