Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement


Ensure the effectiveness of wound dressings

 Vapour Permeability and the effectiveness of wound dressings
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The thousands of types of modern wound dressings now available are all designed to aid the body's natural healing process and provide the ideal condition for healing.  Virtually all of these depend, critically, upon their vapour permeability to create and preserve this environment.  Versaperm's vapour permeability measurement equipment measures this for both oxygen and water vapour. 

Additionally, the permeability of the dressing against almost any gas or vapour can, optionally, be measured if desired.

These dressings create and maintain a moist setting for healing which is now considered to provide the optimal healing environment.  Keeping a wound area moist under occlusive dressings not only increases the rate of epithelialisation but also promotes healing due to the moisture itself.  Additionally, the presence, initially, of a low oxygen tension promotes the inflammatory phase.

Most wound dressings use a semi-permeable film to control or restrict the flows of both oxygen and water vapour. The Versaperm equipment can produce highly accurate determinations of this with results in the Parts Per Million (PPM) or sometimes even PPB ranges.  The system is highly automated and offers a simple to use touch-screen interface that requires virtually no training to run.

It is fast, versatile, reliable and can be used to test virtually any type of film or packaging – even including sealed packaging such as unitary dose medications.  It is ideal for use in both product design and quality control situations. 

The same Versaperm equipment also plays a key role in the design and quality control of a dressing's outer packaging which is routinely used to ensure the sterile status of the dressing.


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