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Seals, O-rings, Mastics & Enclosures - the Measurement that Cuts Waste in Manufacturing Industries

Permeability of Seals, O-rings, Mastics & Enclosures

Seals, O-rings, mastics & enclosures are all designed to keep things either in, or out – usually water, grease, CO2, oil or solvents.  The simple failure to do this correctly costs the world well over a billion pounds a year.

Versaperm's has a range of permeability testing instrumentation to help companies overcome these problems.  The equipment measures the permeability of both material samples and finished products to a high accuracy.  In many cases it takes just 30 minutes to achieve results in the Parts per Million (PPM) range.  This allows designers and manufacturers to specify materials that bypass problems and it also enables QC departments to check both incoming materials and outgoing products without causing unnecessary delays.

The permeability of materials and systems causes serious problems - from seals that leak to electronics that fail and from drugs that lose potency to paper and packaging that doesn't handle or print properly! 

Versaperm's latest instrument and specialised sensor range can measure permeability for virtually any gas or vapour used by industry, including oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, helium and nitrogen.  The system can measure several samples, seals, enclosures or products at a time and can be configured to measure permeability with respect to water vapour as well as most other gases. 

The company also runs consultancy and laboratory services that advises on permeability in complex cases or where the volume or logistics does not mandate a dedicated instrument.

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