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 The Power of Permeability

Measuring the permeability of Fuel Cells<>
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<>Versaperm has introduced a system for measuring the critical vapour permeability of a fuel cell.   It measures the permeability for materials, individual components such as porous anodes and cathodes, where it provides fast, accurate and repeatable results.

The permeability of the parts that make up the fuel cell is amongst the most critical factors in determining the efficiency and power output that the cell will produce.

The meter can measure permeability for most gases, including hydrogen, oxygen, hydrocarbons, alcohol, carbon dioxide and chlorine - as well as the methanol used in direct methanol type fuel cells. 

Conventional tests are slow, taking days or weeks.  Even then they are not always accurate or consistent.  Versaperm’s permeability measuring equipment is fast, sometimes taking just 30 minutes and does give accurate, consistent and repeatable results.  The equipment offers highly automated computerised control and results that can be measured to within a few part per million for some gases.

For companies where the throughput is not high enough to warrant dedicated equipment, Versaperm also offers a laboratory testing service.


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