The Permeability of Building Materials
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Versaperm manufactures gas permeability testing equipment, offers a comprehensive permeability testing service and a materials consultancy. These are used to measure gas permeability and leakage, important in medical and pharmaceutical packaging, foils and films, coatings, food and confectionery packaging and contents, and many other applications.

Versaperm designs and manufactures instruments to meet each customer’s needs. Instruments are typically be based on a modular MkVI design.

Our laboratory testing service has over 30 years experience to enable us to choose the best technique to measure your sample's permeability both quickly and accurately.


Our diverse and growing range of sensors are based on fundamentally different and divergent physical principals. The choice of the right sensor for an application is critical in the successful deployment of the equipment. We are not tied to a sensor manufacturer.

At Versaperm we can measure the permeability for almost any gas / vapour including water vapour, Oxygen, CO2 Hydrogen, Helium, Nitrogen and Hydrocarbons.

Our Consultancy division combines our theoretical and practical Permeability skills in instrument design and manufacture. Permeability Consultancy








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