Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement


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What is Versaperm?

Versaperm - the background


Liquid Crystal Polymers such as Kevlar and PET - And their vapour permeability

The common failure of O-Rings and Seals

Vapour permeability of adhesives, mastics and bonding films

Marine Ply and Water / Hydrocarbon Vapour Permeability -  Safety Critical Measurements

Plywood and Water Vapour

The Vapour permeability of plastics

The Problems of Agricultural plastics: - Ripening, Respiration and Rot

Coatings & laminated films what stays in and what gets through

Wrap Rage packaging that won't open  

Fruit and vegetables shelf-life extension boost with plant respiration meter

The performance of technical textiles

The Critical Factor - wound dressings and transdermal drug delivery systems

Packaging - strength, product shelf life & printability

Marine electronics - And why it goes wrong


Building CO2 permeation tester - the CO2 flow through membranes, floors, building products and systems

Vapour permeability and optical fibre strength, spectral shift and sensors

Contamination Quality Control for healthcare and medical products

Quality control and vapour permeability for world’s most damaging contaminate(s)

Soggy Bottoms? Pastry, Pies & Cakes

Pipes, Tubing and Permeability The unruly behaviour of plastics, rubber & polymers

LAUNCHED:  Air & Vapour Permeability Measurements in Building Barrier Fabrics

Critical aerospace vapour permeability measurements for any gas

Packaging's peel strength twinned with altitude testing - Packaging that either bursts or can't be opened

Hydrocarbon vapour permeability - Critical measurements for valves, containers, coatings, gas streams, fuel cells, hydrocarbon barriers

Materials and their vapour permeability characteristics

Do your fizzy drinks bottles go "Pop?" - CO2 and extending shelf life

A simple answer to electronics failures caused by water vapour

The Permeability of large and small plasma and LED displays, TVs, monitors, phones & films

Vapour permeability of furniture especially for clinical or palliative care

Cosmetic packaging and the science of vapour permeability

On the other hand….? The permeability and practicality of medical, laboratory and industrial gloves

Live Long and Prosper: Vapour permeability testing can increase shelf life

Testing breathable textiles and high performance clothing

Structural Steel Failure and vapour permeability

The VP (Vapour Permeability) problem

Perfectly packaged puddings- along with foods, confectionary & snacks

Valves, Seals, Barriers and Mastics - Keeping water (and other) vapours in or out of things

Paper coating defects - A vapour permeqability problem and a solution

The critical importance of vapour permeability in Glove Boxes

Vapour permeability of Biodegradable plastics

Breathablity testing for high performance technical textiles and active wear

The lighter side of lighter than air Airships and vapour permeability

The Eye of the Beholder Oxygen permeability testing for contact lenses

Batting on a sticky Wicket? Vapour permeability of adhesives and adhesive films

Hydrocarbon membranes measurements for hydrocarbon removal from gas streams, geomembranes and fuel cells

A soggy problem with snacks, confectionery, edible films and packaging And the high-tech solution

Simultaneous multi-gas permeability measurements for O-rings, seals and mastics

Packaging, Permeability and Mass Spectrometry For preservation, printability, strength & integrity

All at Sea? With dangerous water vapour permeability problems

Contamination: pinholes and flex cracks in films / foils used for medical packaging

Automotive vapour seepage – water, fuel & compressor gases

Moisture flow: Measurement & Madness - Water, air, and ground remediation gas flow through plasterboard, paint, vapour barriers and all other building materials and structures

Increasing shelf life by optimizing MAP packaging

Launched: Optical fibre vapour permeability measurement for any gas

Quality control and product development equipment

Launched: Contamination / vapour measurement for pharmaceutical and healthcare products

Launched: vapour permeability measurement for every gas used in Engineering

Launched: Aerospace engineering vapour permeability measurement for any gas

Launched: Railway engineering vapour permeability measurement for any gas

The (shelf) life of Pie - along with other snacks and confections

Launched:  Lab vapour permeability measurement for any gas

A simple answer to electronics failures caused by water vapour

Protecting OLEDs and flexible screens from the damaging caused by O2 & H20 vapour diffusion

The cardboard box-ing match: Vapour permeability and the strength, integrity & printability of card based products

The vapour permeability of transdermal patches

Water Vapour - the world's most expensive terrorist

Fizzy Science - Losing your drink's fizz could deflate your business

Testing the way forward: advanced, rapid permeability testing for footware

The Invisible Problem - water vapour permeability of building materials - From paint to plasterboard to entire structure

The impossible problem - Keeping water (and other) vapours out of anything

The impossible problem

The Resurgence of Airships

Can radioactive radon seep into your buildings? -Most areas of the UK are affected!

Permeability– a Multi-billion pound problem Specialist consultancy from equipment manufacturer

Edible films and coatings! For perfect pies, pastries, pizza & permeability