Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement


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What is Versaperm?

Versaperm - the background


Launched: Optical fibre vapour permeability measurement for any gas

Quality control and product development equipment

Launched: Contamination / vapour measurement for pharmaceutical and healthcare products

Launched: vapour permeability measurement for every gas used in Engineering

Launched: Aerospace engineering vapour permeability measurement for any gas

Launched: Railway engineering vapour permeability measurement for any gas

The (shelf) life of Pie - along with other snacks and confections

Launched:  Lab vapour permeability measurement for any gas

A simple answer to electronics failures caused by water vapour

Protecting OLEDs and flexible screens from the damaging caused by O2 & H20 vapour diffusion

The cardboard box-ing match: Vapour permeability and the strength, integrity & printability of card based products

The vapour permeability of transdermal patches

Water Vapour - the world's most expensive terrorist

Fizzy Science - Losing your drink's fizz could deflate your business

Testing the way forward: advanced, rapid permeability testing for footware

The Invisible Problem - water vapour permeability of building materials - From paint to plasterboard to entire structure

The impossible problem - Keeping water (and other) vapours out of anything

The impossible problem

The Resurgence of Airships

Can radioactive radon seep into your buildings? -Most areas of the UK are affected!

Permeability– a Multi-billion pound problem Specialist consultancy from equipment manufacturer

Edible films and coatings! For perfect pies, pastries, pizza & permeability

Active wear -breathable textiles for high performance clothing

Yes, we have no bananas - Ethylene fruit ripening and shelf life – the Vapour Permeability effect

A Sea Change in Freshness & Shelf Life Oxygen, CO2 & H2O Permeability and MAP

The unseen problem with O-Rings and Seals

Box Clever with all your Packaging Strength, Integrity & Printability

Stretching Your Shelf-Life - Tensile testing for food, confectionery and pharmaceutical packaging

Water and Electronics - The unseen menace

The Permeability and Problems of Plasma and LED monitors and phone films

Bottletops, Shelf-life and Sealing Caps and tops of bottles, tubs and tubes

Pinholes in packaging films and foils For both loose and pre-packed produce

Ensure the effectiveness of wound dressings

Plant respiration meter boosts shelf-life for fruit and vegetables - For both loose and pre-packed produce

Ground remediation made easy - The Possibilities of Permeation

Wax coatings for fruit and vegetables

Plastics and Rubber - Vapour Permeability & the Problem!

Blister and Thermoform Packaging – the Unseen Problem Extending shelf life and slashing contamination

Business's CO2 Permeability Problem

The quality of mercy is not strained; the quality of permeability control is by the world's most damaging contaminant

Quality & Permeability of Edible Films and Confectionery Packaging

The Permeability and Breathability of Footwear

Seepage of Water & Fuel in Rockets & Military Hardware ….and Planes, Tanks, Satellites & Trains

Seepage of Water & Fuel in Cars ….and Planes, Trains, Satellites & Rockets

Seepage of Water & Fuel in Trains ….and Planes, Cars, Satellites & Rockets

Seepage of Water & Fuel in Planes ….and Satellites, Trains, Cars & Rockets

Permeable coating measurements to improve paper and card quality

Precise Laboratory Measurements of the vapour permeability of gasses

O Dear What Can The Vapour Be - The vapour-effectiveness of O-rings, seals and mastics

Water Vapour & Massive Manufacturing Failure

Don't talk Rot! Extending your food's shelf life

Testing breathable textiles and high performance clothing

Moisture, Mould and Measurement

Snacks 'n packs - for people with a real altitude Packaging that either bursts or can't be opened

Are you Stuck Up? Vapour permeability of adhesives and mastics

Water Vapour & Electronics Failure

Mastics, Gaskets, Valves & Seals - The Invisible Problem

Permeable Materials Consultancy Poor use of Permeable Materials costs the UK over two Billion Pounds a year!

MARINE ELECTRONICS - THE INVISIBLE PEST. Or how to prevent water seeping in

Elastomers, Laminates and Contamination in medical & pharmaceutical products

The Permeability of Aerospace Fabrics Lighter than air but leaking like a sieve?

Fizzy drinks The flavour & shelf life changes between a plastic bottle and a can

Moisture problems can easily be mist

Perfect Packaging and how to make sure about it

Permeable Materials Consultancy Poor use of Permeable Materials costs the UK over two Billion Pounds a year!

Why Things Fail, Jam, Rust & Smudge

Pop Goes the Shelf Life (& Freshness) Vapour Permeability of Snacks Packaging

Healthcare & Cosmetics Packaging that Reduces Fragrance & Quality Loss AND Increases Shelf Life

Freezing Strawberries And Freezer Burning Meat

Vapour Permeability and Keeping drinks & Wine Fresh From Fermentation through to Bottles, Corks & Twist-Tops

Permeable Coating Measurements that Improve Products - from Paper to Oil Rigs

Tired of flat tyres?

A Building's Vapour Barriers Don't Work the Way You Think!

Wrap Rage The delicate balance between packs that you can't tear open and those that burst before you even get to them

Water - Keep Out! A surprising problem with plastics, rubber & polymers