Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Seal Testing
Packaging seal integrity (burst, leak, peel, altitude etc) verification

Seal Integrity Verification Gemco SIV IIIThe SIV III has been re-designed to check, accurately, that packaging seems / seals don't leak and are strong enough to hold, but gentle enough to allow easy opening. A "Seal Burst" test mode also allows you to ensure the package can meet a minimum force without failing. 

Packaging wrap rageAll food, pharmaceutical, medical and confectionery packaging needs to be strong, resistant, leak proof and burst resistant - but not too difficult to open. It needs to preserve the contents in tip-top condition but not be difficult or frustrating to open easily. It needs to meet all relevant standards. And that's quite a package of conditions that your package needs to meet consistently and veritably.



Peel strength / tensile tester for packagingPeel/Tensile strength testing

Seal strength is related to the pack opening force and a measure of the consistency of the packaging process. Our Peel / tensile strength-tester measures the maximum seal force, average peel force and total energy absorbed in peeling the seal. The system is easy to use and stretches the seal and determines the maximum force needed to tear open. Tests are be stored in the memory and the the average over (up to) 99 separate results can be shown.


Altitude testing

The Versaperm Gemco High Altitude Shipping Simulator is designed to meet the standards that operate in both the UK and European Markets (ASTM D6653). 

The low pressure during delivery by air transport or high altitude trucking can cause bags to leak or burst, spoiling the contents.

Altitude simulation testing for packagingMost often, when a pack bursts the failure occurs where a seam meets the closure seal across the top of the pack. Seals and seams can both-be problem areas, and where they meet the problem is doubled. 

Despite this, it is vital to ensure that the seals are not too strong to be opened by the consumer. So an acceptable range of seal strength has to be achieved In order to produce packaging that is consistently able to protect any contents for the entire shelf life of any product.