Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

for air-tightness and vapour transmission rates in building products and structural elements

Testing the “air tightness” and vapour permeability of building products and structures just became much faster and less expensive – not only for membranes but for individual building products and structural elements.  

Versaperm, a world-technology leader in permeability measurement has introduced both a fast turn-around building products lab testing service and an upgraded permeability measurement system.  Sometimes testing turn-around can be just 24 hours.

Building Products Permeability

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Versaperm’s new and highly sensitive permeability meter gives accuracies that are typically in the parts per million range.  Unusually the equipment can measure anything from vapour barriers to complete wall structures, including laminates, paints, timber, roofing felts, adhesives, building boards, mastics and other sealing or structural materials.

The flow of air and moisture controls the “health” of both the structure and often that of the people who live or work inside.  High moisture content has been linked to dust mites, asthma, the widespread increase in allergies, and the infamous colds and bugs that spread so rapidly across the workplace.  Not only that but, it has a considerable effect on thermal insulation, getting it wrong can be disastrous, causing mould, rot, decay and heat loss.