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Getting Water And Oil In The Wrong Places Can Seriously Damage Your Wealth
- Automotive Permeability

 vapour vapor permeability of automotive components and  products
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Permeability equipment designer and manufacturer Versaperm has introduced a system for the Automotive and related markets that is ideal for measuring both the petroleum vapour permeability and water vapour permeability of automotive components, seals, connections and reservoirs.  Seepage and leakage of fuel, water or exhaust gasses can cause serious, and occasionally life-threatening, engine, electronic and quality problems.  

Versaperm's latest developments for automotive systems can rapidly perform all of these tests with accuracies in the PPM (Parts Per Million) range.   They can be used to measure the permeability of material samples, finished components and even complete assemblies.

Conventional testing can be painstakingly slow and expensive, requiring days, weeks or even months - and even then the results are often neither accurate nor consistent.  To overcome this, Versaperm has produced an upgraded version of its vapour permeability measurement system, complete with an updated sensor range, to allows measurement under a wide range of physical conditions.

The equipment is simple to use, requiring, at most, minimal training to achieve fast, accurate and repeatable results.

Versaperm also offers a quick turnaround laboratory testing service for companies that test too few samples to make the purchase of equipment viable.   


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