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Mixing electronics and the marine environment can be a problem.  Surprisingly, the issue isn't usually the liquid water, or even fuel, sploshing about.  It's the vapours that come off them that sneak into electronics that cause the damage - they permeate through the actually materials that make the walls and seals of any enclosure.  Once in, the vapours condense, become trapped and cause failure.  It's impossible to avoid but, with a little help from Versaperm, you can decrease it so much that it is no longer a problem.

The issue can be very much more serious than most people realise - as an example anything including cellulose, EVOH or PVOH can form an excellent barrier against liquids, but allows water vapour to flow in virtually unchecked.   With Versaperm's latest marine permeability measurement equipment you can now measure exactly how quickly the vapour seeps in under a diverse range of conditions and with different designs, seals and materials.  This lets you establish the best materials and manufacturing techniques for your particular system. 

It also allows you to follow through with QC.

The system is fast, and offers a simple and accurate way to measure vapour permeability not just for water vapour but also for hydrocarbon vapour and most other gasses including hydrogen, oxygen, solvents and CO2.

Results are accurate in the parts per million range for most materials and enclosures and you can characterize several separate material samples, seals or enclosures at one time, sometimes in as little as 30 minutes.  Conventional gravimetric measurements take several days, weeks or months and are significantly less accurate.

Versaperm also offers a vapour permeability laboratory service for companies that only need to test samples on an irregular basis.



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