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Medical Liquids and Gasses - Contamination, Sterilization and Permeability

 Medical Gasses vapour permeability
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The purity of medical gasses is crucial.  Unfortunately, contamination and foreign gases can easily permeate in and out of equipment - not just through the valves and connectors, but also through the actual pipes and tubing.  The most common impurity is water vapour but a huge range of other impurities are widespread. 

This means that contaminants of both medical gases and liquids, (in their vapour phase), have the ability to permeate either in or out of equipment – tubing is especially vulnerable.

This can and has led to problems with medical equipment.  Fortunately the latest-generation sensors that are now being installed in Versaperm's already proven medical permeability measurement equipment leads to a highly sensitive and accurate testing solution.

The only way to minimise any permeation is testing. 

Versaperm's latest equipment can be used on sheet materials, tubing, complete components and finished equipment and can measure to an accuracy of parts per million–parts per billion with some applications.

It can be used on huge range of medical, laboratory, drug and QC materials or enclosures – and even has applications from foil laminates to inhalers and from analytical instrument enclosures and seals through to packaging.  It can also provide measurements of substances that might otherwise be decomposed by normal water content measuring techniques.

As well as manufacturing the instruments, Versaperm offers a vapour permeability laboratory service for companies that need to test samples on an irregular basis.


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