Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

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Paper permeability measurements
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The critical property of any paper or packaging material is how permeability its coating is.  This controls not just the “feel” of the finished product, but how printable it is, its strength impermeability, and how it handles mechanically.  Even relatively small changes to the constituents of a coating can result in disproportionately large changes to the barrier properties of the finished product. 


Now, thanks to Versaperm, measuring this for quality control or as part of the development process, has become fast and easy, not only with respect to water vapour, but for almost any other gas, including oxygen, solvents, volatiles, nitrogen and CO2.

Versaperm recently introduced a new sensor range, and this has now been expanded sill further with the addition of mass spectrometer and semiconductor sensors.  These latest sensors options add unprecedented flexibility and accuracy to the equipment.

For some gases and materials, accuracies are in the parts per million range, (parts per billion with some gases).  Conventional gravimetric and other techniques often produce far less consistent results, and Versaperm’s latest equipment and sensors take from as little as 30 minutes - and they can even measure several samples at a time.

As well as manufacturing the instruments, Versaperm offers laboratory and consultancy services for companies that only need to test samples on an irregular basis.