Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Building Vapour Barrier Materials
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Edible film permeability measurements
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Since testing the “air tightness” or permeability of a building became mandatory in 2006 -under Part L of the Building Regulations, permeability measurements for water vapour, carbon dioxide and other gasses have become commonplace – not just for membranes but for individual building components and complete construction and finishing systems as well.  

Taking these crucial measurements just became a whole lot easier, due to recent product developments at Versaperm – a world technology leader in the field.   Traditionally measurements have taken weeks, and even months - and even then have been both expensive and of questionable accuracy.

Versaperm’s new and highly sensitive permeability meter is simple to use and can produce accurate results in as little as thirty minutes for some materials.  Accuracies are typically in the parts per million range and the equipment is unusual as it can measure anything from thin films to complete wall structures, including laminates, finishes, timber, felts, adhesives, building boards, mastics and other sealing or structural materials.

The flow of moisture effects “health” of the structure and the people who live or work inside.  Not only that but it has a considerable effect on thermal insulation, getting it wrong can be disastrous causing mould, rot and decay, it has also been linked to the rise in Asthma.

Additionally, the company offers a sample testing service and technical consultancy to the building industry.