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Paper & Packaging coatings
Are they a cover up?

 Paper & Packaging coatings - Are they a cover up
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Coatings usually determine how well a paper performs.  Printability, finish, mechanical handling, porosity and a whole lot of other technical features are responsible for the finished quality and use of the paper.  Far and away the most important is the way the paper reacts to water vapour and Versaperm has introduced a much improved way of measuring this.

Versaperm’s permeability measurement equipment can be used either in a development or QC lab, or indeed on a factory floor and, offers a fast and effective way to measure this all-important characteristic - permeability.

The equipment is fast, easy to use, reliable and accurate and can measure the permeability of the paper, the coating or both, often producing results in as little as 30 minutes, wheras older techniques often take weeks for a single- and often less accurate – measurement.  Relatively small changes to the makeup of a coating can result in disproportionately large changes to the paper or coating’s performance. 

The noval uses and technical demands on paper have changed rapidly over recent years.  Marketers, printers, container manufacturers and other users demand ever more advanced performance.  The Versaperm permeability metre has been introduced in response to this need. 

The equipment can optionally measure  the permeability not only for water vapour but also for oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, petrochemicals and most other gaseous elements.  Depending on the sample and gas, measurements are accurate to better than one part per million (with some samples a few parts per hundred million).  


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