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Boosting shelf life by optimizing the packaging

 Permebility testing for Food shelflife
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Most foods simply do not use the most suitable types of materials and films for packaging their individual contents – and that goes for MAP, non-MAP, perishable, confectionary and other product packaging.  Many companies don't optimize their packaging properly because; traditionally, it takes too long, is too unreliable, too complex and costs too much.  Which is a shame as getting it right extends some product's shelf lives by up to 800%.

Now you can measure the permeability of all of the important vapours in one go with the Versaperm MS.  Not only that but the equipment is easy to use, accurate and fast – with some materials and gasses accuracies in the PPM (Parts per million) can be achieved in as little as 30 minutes.

The equipment allows you to measure the concentrations of Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide and Water Vapour directly, along with most other gasses.

If produce is packed using materials where the permeability is too low respiration cannot be sustained and Oxygen levels can fall well below optimal, or CO2 levels can become too high. This allows taints to develop in fresh produce as it starts to ferment, generating "off' flavours and odours that range from a  cut grass smell through to becoming alcoholic.  The build-up of CO2 plays the same role for products that respire as water vapour does for products that perish, go stale or rot.  All this can greatly reduce shelf life and can even become a food safety hazard.

A huge range of films and materials are used to wrap up food and keep it fresh.  Getting it right dramatically extends the food's shelf life and boosts its freshness.  Getting it wrong can do exactly the opposite.

A permeability testing service is also available directly from Versaperm - often with a 24 hour turn around.                


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