Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

The slow freezer burn of profits

Permeability testing for freezer burn boosts profits
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Freezer burn creates unsightly brown stains and fuzzy, greyish-white spots on refrigerated food such as meat, fish, pizzas and frozen meals.  It’s caused by dehydration and oxidation as water vapour slowly seeps out of the foods through the packaging.  Now, Versaperm’s vapour permeability measurement equipment can help you measure this and identify packaging materials that overcome your individual problems.

Although most plasticised packaging is a good barrier against liquid water, there is little or no correlation between the ability to seal against liquid and the power to prevent vapour permeating through the packaging.  Even materials that are highly waterproof can be virtually useless when it comes to preventing water vapour escaping – and it is this that leads to freezer burn. The only way to overcome the problem is to test the packaging material and the seals.  Versaperm specialises in this area and not only manufactures the specialist equipment needed, but also offers a testing service to check packaging and materials.

Versaperm’s WVTR (Water Vapour Transition Rate) meter is versatile, fast, reliable, gives highly reproducible results and can be used to test virtually any type of packaging with, at most, minimal training.  It also allows the temperature and humidity of the sample to be accurately controlled. 

The equipment is fast and effective –acquiring results in as little as thirty minutes for some materials.  It is computerised and easy to use, accuracy is usually in the PPM (Parts Per Million) range.

As well as equipment Versaperm offers a comprehensive laboratory measurement service for companies that don’t own their own equipment.