Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement


Precise Laboratory Measurements of the vapour permeability of gasses

 Precise Laboratory Measurements of the vapour permeability of gasses
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The vapour permeability of materials controls a huge number of both every day and safety-critical processes in the modern world.  Applications range from the shelf life of foods and drugs, through to print and paper quality, how comfortable our clothes are, vapour losses/gains in buildings, why printers jam, and why seals, gaskets and even missile systems leak.

The Versaperm vapour permeability measurement equipment can determine this for virtually any gas and materials over a 1000 oC temperature range with various pressure options. 
The Versaperm equipment measures the permeability of both flat materials and complete finished products and enclosures.  An array of different sensors, using different physical principals, enables the equipment to be used to characterise an ever expanding range of materials, compounds, containers, products and laminates.  Commonly measured gasses include water vapour, hydrocarbons, oxygen, CO2, medical gasses and nitrogen. 

The permeability meter is highly automated and can measure several samples at a time.  It needs very little re-calibration and requires, at most, minimal training.  Sensitivities depend on sensors, gasses and materials but are typically in the PPM (Parts Per Million) range, with PPB (Parts Per Billion) for some materials.  Results are both precise and highly repeatable.

As well as supplying the equipment to laboratories, including standards laboratories around the world, Versaperm also provide a laboratory testing for organisations that need to measure the permeability of complex materials and assemblages.


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