Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement


The Heat is on Vapour Permeability measurement

 he Heat is on Vapour Permeability measurement
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Versaperm, a permeability technology leader, has launched a fast and accurate way for a laboratory to measure the permeability of almost any material against virtually any gas - from water vapour to hydrocarbons and from solvents through to Hydrogen, Oxygen and CO2.

Vapour Permeability measurements are widely used in almost every industry as it is critical in most real-life applications.  It substantially alters properties such as the shelf-life of pharmaceuticals and foods Permeability also controls the handle-ability, jam-ability and print quality of paper, the texture of a pizza, the efficiency of seals, the waterproofness of products, enclosures and textiles, the effectiveness of a lorry's airbrakes - and it has even caused missiles and aircraft to crash! 
A range of sensors, using a wide different physical principals, enables Versaperm's equipment to be used across an unprecedented range of applications to characterise an ever expanding range of materials, compounds, containers, products and laminates.

Available sensors include: gas chromatography, pressure measurements, semiconductor, electrolytic, infrared, capacitive, impedance, thermal conductivity, flame ionization, catalytic combustion, photoionization, ZrO2, paramagnetic, electrochemical, coulometric and mass spectrometer.

Manufacturing processes such as heating, forming and bending can reduce permeability to 25% of its original value.  This means that results simply can't usually be estimated from a material's properties but must be measured directly after production.  The Versaperm system can do this and it offers both single and multiple chamber options.

Versaperm's permeability meter is highly automated and can cope with several samples at a time.  It needs very little re-calibration and requires, at most, minimal training.  Sensitivities depend on sensors, gasses and materials but are usually in the PPM (Parts Per Million) range, PPB for some materials. Results are both accurate and highly repeatable.

Versaperm also offers a consultancy service for laboratories that need to measure permeability of complex new materials and assemblages.


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