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Testing building products for vapour and gas penetration

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<>The rate that water vapour penetrates through the fabric of a modern building or product is a vital part of meeting the latest building regulations.  More than that, water vapour can cause health problems for the occupants plus mould, rot and decay in the structure of buildings.  Versaperm has introduced highly sensitive equipment to measure the permeability of building materials, barriers and structures against water as well as a number of other common gases, such as CO2, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Helium and most petrochemicals.

<>Conventional tests are slow, taking days, weeks or even months.  Even then they are not always either accurate or consistent.  Versaperm’s new permeability measuring equipment is fast, sometimes taking just 30 minutes to give accurate, consistent and repeatable results. The equipment is sensitive, simple to uses and provides highly automated computerised control. 

<>The company also offers a sample testing service and technical consultancy to the building industry.  It can measure the water vapour and gaseous transmission rates (permeability) of a wide range of products, barriers, films, treatments and coatings.  The service is important for both the new “vapour open” buildings as well as more conventional “vapour barrier” and historical structures - where incorrect vapour barriers can cause a building to rot away and collapse in just a few years.

<>The Versaperm service is unusual in that it can measure anything from thin films to complete wall structures, including laminates, timber, felts, adhesives, mastics and other sealing or structural materials.


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