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Engineering and Manufacturing Problems Just Leak Out!

Manufacturing permeability measurement equipment
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Surprisingly, the reason the Challenger Space shuttle exploded also causes drugs to become lose their potency, electronics to fail, paper to jams in printer, and seals leak.  It also costs the UK over a billion pounds each year.  The reason is simply that water vapour and other gases can permeate through seals and barriers, sometimes with alarming ease.  The solution is fast and accurate measurements – and Versaperm is a world technology leader.

Versaperm’s latest array of permeability measurement equipment can measure the problem for almost any vapour barrier or structure, and almost any gas – including water vapour, CO2, Hydrocarbons and Methane.  It is fast, accurate and gives consistent results over a wide range of physical conditions. Accuracies are usually in the Parts Per Million (PPM) range.

Traditional (gravimetric) permeability measurements of components, materials, assemblies, tanks, pipes and seals are slow and expensive, taking days, weeks or sometimes months.  Versaperm’s equipment takes just thirty minutes for some barriers and is constantly accurate. 

Versaperm also offers a laboratory testing service and technical consultancy for companies that test too few samples to make the purchase of equipment viable.   


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