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Pereability measurement in teh food industry

Foods, snacks and frozen produce all go off, go bad, go stale, go soggy, loose flavour, loose goodness and loose appeal for the same reason.  They interact - through any packaging or edible films present - with specific vapours in the atmosphere.

A simple measurement using Versaperm equipment can measure and check the critical feature – the permeability of your packaging or edible films.  In doing this it can allow producers to increase, dramatically, the shelf life of their products, even frozen products.  Getting it right can extend shelf life by days, weeks or even months for some products.  And, as a bonus, the customers you get fresher, tastier food.

In the majority of cases shelf life is almost entirely controlled by Oxygen – sometimes it needs to be excluded, sometimes included, and often the rate of flow through the packaging needs to be controlled so that foods can perspire or respire.  Even with frozen foods, packaging with the wrong permeability causes freezer burn and "off" smells.

Versaperm equipment is already used by many of the world's leading manufacturers and the latest range usually provides results in the parts per million (PPM) range, often in as little as 30 minutes.  Additionally, the equipment can measure permeability not just for oxygen, but for water vapour, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Argon and all other relevant gasses and vapours.

Versaperm also offers a comprehensive permeability consultancy and laboratory testing service, which often turns around samples within 24 hours.


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