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WVTR Meter
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Seals, mastics, adhesives, gaskets, O-rings and enclosures might be waterproof - but most still let in water!  A huge number of materials are virtually impervious to liquid water – but allow water vapour to flow straight through almost unhindered.  Vapour is extraordinarily invasive and the problems it causes can only be eliminated by measuring the permeability.

The Versaperm WVTR, (Water Vapour Transmission), meter has been purpose designed for this task, and can even measure how vapour permeability varies with temperature, pressure and other conditions.

The WVTR meter copes with several samples, seals or enclosures at a time, often giving reads in as little as 30 minutes – whereas conventional gravimetric measurement takes several days and is significantly less accurate.

The meter is easy to use and produces precise, accurate and repeatable results.  It needs no re-calibration and requires, at most, minimal training to give results that can be accurate to better than one part per million (with some samples a few parts per hundred million). Sensitivities are in the range 0.05 – 3200g/m2/day.

A variety of chambers are available for testing samples from the size of a thimble up to a pallet load and beyond.  Variations that measure the permeability / diffusion rate in relation to other gases, such as Oxygen, CO2 and petrochemicals are also available.

Versaperm offers a laboratory service for companies that only need to test samples on an irregular basis.


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