Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement


Permeability measurements for Automotive applications
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Measuring the hydrocarbon permeability of a vehicle’s components, materials, tanks, pipes and seals is a legal requirement in the UK and most other countries around the world.  But it could be very slow work to do this – until now! 


Versaperm’s new permeability measurement system is fast and precise, with sensitivities in the parts per million range.  It can give results in as little as 30 minutes for some materials, whereas conventional gravimetric tests take days or weeks to achieve a less reliable result.   It can be used on materials as well as finished components and assemblies - from plastic petrol tanks to door panels and from flat material samples to complex equipment and seals.

The Versaperm permeability meter is simple to use, requiring, at most, minimal training, yet it boosts accuracy and dramatically reduces the time required to make a measurement.

Versaperm’s new equipment can optionally be configured to measure permeability for a variety of gases including Hydrocarbons, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Helium and water vapour.  The equipment is computerised and highly automated.

Versaperm also offers a laboratory testing service for companies that test too few samples to make the purchase of equipment viable.