Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement


A new all-purpose sensor to measure the permeability and barrier characteristics of paper & coatings

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The critical factor in any paper or packaging material is the permeability of its coating - which controls printability, mechanical handling and the barrier properties of the finished product.  Even relatively small changes to the constituents of a coating can result in disproportionately large changes in characteristics. 

Thanks to Versaperm, measuring this is now quick and easy, not just with respect to water vapour, but for a range of the other increasingly important gases such as oxygen, nitrogen and CO2.

Versaperm recently introduced a new range of sensors specifically for this task and has now increased this sill further with the addition of a mass spectrometer and semiconductor sensors.  The new sensors add unprecedented flexibility and accuracy to the measurements.

For some gases and materials accuracies are in the parts per million range, (and even parts per billion with some gases).  Conventional techniques take many days or weeks to produce these results, but Versaperm’s latest equipment and sensors take from as little as 30 minutes - and they can even measure several samples at a time.

As well as manufacturing the instruments, Versaperm offers laboratory and consultancy services for companies that only need to test samples on an irregular basis.



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