Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Versaperm steralization vapour permeability  measurement

For high performance and recyclability

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The technical demands on paper coatings have mushroomed in recent years – “paper coatings” now gets nearly 6M hits on Google – six times more than just 2 years ago! Yet the single most important characteristic is still the seemingly simple one of water vapour permeability.

Versaperm Limited, world leader in water vapour permeability, has launched the WVTR (Water Vapour Transmission) MK VI, which represents a new generation of accuracy, reliability and usability. Although the instrument is technically complex, it is easy to use and produces highly consistent and reproducible results. It can measure the permeability of a paper coating to an accuracy of a few parts per million (sometime to a few parts per hundred million.

This is important as it determines the printability, paper handling and a wide range of other physical characteristics of both the paper and the coating, as well as having a direct effect on its re-pulpability for recycling.

The WVTR meter gives a series of digital readouts that can be recorded or simply read off the LCD screen. It needs no re-calibration and requires, at most, minimal training to give results that are accurate to better than a few parts per million (with some samples a few parts per hundred million). Sensitivities are in the range 0.05 – 3200g/m2/day.

A wide range of variations is available, depending on the specific application. Both single and multi-sample systems and a variety of chambers are available for testing samples the size of a thimble up to a pallet load and beyond. A permeability measurement laboratory service is also available from Versaperm.


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