Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement


Anti-sogginess testing for the plastics & rubber industry

Water vapour permeability technology experts Versaperm are offering a fast and economical testing service to determine the often critical permeability of plastics and rubber based products, films, compounds and laminates. Water vapour can, for example cause a product or film to fail or cause drugs and foods in a plastic container to deteriorate rapidly, decimating its shelf life.

For the plastics and rubber industry, Versaperm can test the permeability or leak rates of containers, films, seals packaging and a wide range of commonly available products. The company has substantial technical experience in the area and is always interested in the challenge of measuring new materials, coatings or systems.

The company uses its own-developed WVTR (Water Vapour Transmission) equipment, which can produce accurate and reliable results to better than one part per million - sometimes in the parts per hundreds of million range. With some materials these results can be achieved in as little as 30 minutes, but even with hard to measure foils, results can normally be turned around in a day. Sensitivities are in the range 0.05 - 3200gm/m2/day.

The service is considerably faster and more accurate than using conventional gravimetric techniques that can take days or even weeks. It can also provide measurements of the equilibrium relative humidity (ERH) of delicate substances that might otherwise be decomposed by normal water content measuring techniques.

As well as standard testing on products such as papers, films and coatings, Versaperm has the facility to test unusual or hard to measure objects such dry coatings, pharmaceutical packaging, bottles, industrial enclosures as building materials, laminates and even, once, a pizza!


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