Versaperm and Vapour Permeability

Versaperm is a technology leader in vapour (vapor) permeability measurement and offers advanced instrumentation, a laboratory testing service and a technical consultancy.

Vapour permeability is a measure of the amount of vapour that passes through a material and can vary dramatically from substance to substance and vapour to vapour. Even seemingly similar material's permeabilities can differ by factors of thousands, millions or often even more. It is a critical factor in an huge number of manufacturing and engineering processes and affects everything from the shelf-life of food and drugs to the printability and strength of packaging. It is critical in aerospace, buildings, corrosion, quality control, the integrity of electronics enclosures, the functionining of machinery and many more industries and applications.

The greater the vapour permeability of a material, the more rapidly vapour can pass through it.

Our ability to design the instrumentation that measurs this characteristic is based on decades of technological expertise united with our laboratory experience in testing an enormous variety of materials and gases with our cutting edge instruments.

Our Gemco packaging seal / seam verification measurement equipment offers food manufactures an ideal, proven solution to testing the integrity and strength of seams in bagged, wrapped and boxed products.

Our instrumentation and laboratory testing abilities can be combined to offer a vapour permeability consultancy services where decades of technical skill and experience are made available to our customers.

Fick's First Law of Diffusion

Fick's First Law of Diffusion

Fick's First Law states that 'the rate of "diffusion (e.g. of a vapour) is proportional to the surface area and the concentration difference, it is inversely proportional to the thickness of the membrane".....more


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