Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

High Altitude Shipping Simulator


High Altitude Shipping simulationHASS simulates shipping a packaged box of dry goods at high altitudes. The number of peaks, the heights of the inclines (or peak), the ramp speed (or rate), and the time at the peak are configurable through the controller. As well as this stand-alone system High Altitude Shipping Simulation has been combined with Packaging seal-testing in our latest SIV equipment. Click for details.

The HASS controller monitors and controls the vacuum level and current rate of change of the vacuum during the test. 

The controller setup allows the user to configure multiple peaks.  Each peak has a height, ramp, and hold parameter.  The controller will execute each peak in sequence.  Once the controller finishes the hold time for the last peak the controller will ramp down to 0 ft. at the ramp rate for the last peak. The vacuum level of the chamber is controlled by modulating a proportional valve which is
connected to the input of a Venturi vacuum generator so different vacuum levels and ramp rates can easily be achieved. 


Versaperm Seal Verification and altitude simulationHASS Controller

The HASS controller is a microprocessor based control system which supports 200 unique products, each with its own set of configured set points. 

In supervisor mode the controller has an additional set of parameters that can be changed to alter control algorithm settings.