Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Testing Miscellaneous Samples to measure their vapour permeability

At first sight, it might seem almost impossible to measure the vapour permeability measurements on some objects or materials. However, there is usually a solution based on principles that we have learned over the last 30 years or so of testing. In some cases a large amount of sample preparation is required; however, sometimes a little lateral thinking is all that is required.

vapour permeability testing of miscemaneous samples ></a>
                        many more.</p>
                        <p align=For example, we have in the past taken measurements on:-

  • Frozen and chilled food wrappings in chilled, frozen or room temperature conditions
  • Automotive parts at elevated temperatures
  • Marine components under cold and moist conditions
  • Aeronautic, aerospace and military parts and casings under rapidly variable conditions to simulate flight conditions

We are familiar with operating under confidential or secrecy contracts and legislation.

To test different samples against different sample types against different vapours and gases we have developed a wide range of sensor options to measure the vapour permeability accurately and quickly.




Vapour permeability sensors

Carbon Dioxide Hydrocarbons Photoionization
Catalytic Combustion Hydrogen Pressure Measurements
Coulometric Infrared Semiconductor
Electrochemical Oxygen Thermal Conductivity
Flame Ionization Mass Spectrometer Water Vapour
Gas Chromatography Nitrogen ZrO2
Helium Paramagnetic  

We are currently unable to use radioactive or highly toxic gases. However, please call to discuss your application.