Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Petrol, Diesel, Hydraulic fluids, Refrigerants and water vapour



Permeability and aerospace applications

Permeability measurements for petrol, refrigerants,diesel, hydraulic fluid, and water vapour is crucial factors in aerospace manufacture.

Our MK VI meter produces accurate and reliable permeability results, sometimes in as little as thirty minute. It can measure this for both flat material samples and complex finished aerospace components and containers.

Our permeability meter can measure permeability for hydrocarbon and a wide range of other gases, including O2, N2, He, Hydrocarbons gases and water vapour.

The equipment can measure the permeability and diffusive flow of hydrocarbon vapours across aerospace samples, finished packages, seals and equipment.

Aerospase Permeability MeasurementAerospace applications

A wide range of aerospace products require testing for permeability, particularly against hydrocarbon.

Particularly important for the Aerospace sector is the permeability of seals where failure analysis studies are often required for elastomer and composite materials.


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