Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Helium Permeability Testing

 Helium permeability MeterOur Helium Permeability meter is ideal for measuring the Helium Permeability of polymeric films, laminates, textiles or laminate combinations of these.

The Helium Permeability meter can measure to an accuracy of parts per million range and is around 100 times faster than conventional gravimetric techniques.  Additionally the equipment can be configured to measure the permeability of a wide range of gases, including Hydrogen, Water vapour, Hydrocarbons, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide.



Hyelium_testing equipmentThe Helium Permeability meter is highly automated and its computerised control and multiple chambers can cope with several samples at a time - and still produce a permeability measurement in as little as 30 minutes for some materials.  It needs very little re-calibration and requires, at most, minimal training.

also also operates a Helium Permeability laboratory service to measure permeability of materials for Helium where the volume or logistics of measurements does not demand a dedicated instrument

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