Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

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Marine Risk International June 2019 Water, fuel, gasses, boats and ships ….. & the unexpected vapour problem

Keeping water (and other) vapours in or out of things

Engineering update: November 2017 - Why doesn't water work properley?

Building products August 2017 Hide and Seep - The story of radon in the home

Engineering Update May 2017 Vapour – A Big Industrial Problem You Probably Didn't Realise You Had!

Ship & Boat International June 2016 Getting the vapours: Protecting expensive, safety-critical onboard systems from potential water ingress is not enough, UK testing speda1ist Versaperm argues -manufacturers a1so need to safeguard their kit against the damaging effects ofliquid vapours

Confectionery & Permeability – The Good Life The coating possibilities available to us today are very much greater and, as you would expect, the complexities have grown even faster!  Let me try to explain how it all works as the rewards are potentially huge – increasing shelf life, improving quality, appearance and texture for the chocolate, confectionery, bakery and ice cream industries.

"PoP" goes the weasel Designer coatings that will keep the carbonated "Pop" in the bottle and stop flavours going "off" When those clever people first created and introduced plastic bottles soon after WW2 (1947), they must have thought they had a wonder product – and when PET bottles were introduced in the Seventies it must have seemed like the ultimate answer for fizzy drinks.

Shedding light on the new Hydrocarbon Emission testing Awareness of the environment has grown rapidly over recent years - and has resulted not just in international protocols and targets for politicians to argue over - this article explains how it is done

Seals are only half of the problem for food and water applications! Polymer seals play an important role in food and water applications - unfortunately it is only half the story, the rest is here.

Practical Pointers for Packaging Permeability - How to test pharmaceutical
packaging quickly and accurately for water vapour permeability and leakage.

A taste of your own medicine? - Water vapour and your packaging – the truth
behind the myths

Water vapour in the laboratory - Testing for water vapour permeability of
materials and containers

Frozen water – “I see” the Freezer Burn problem - Or how to stop it spoiling
frozen and chilled foods

Why do cornflakes go soggy - Food and packaging – Testing for the
omnipresent effects of water vapour

Water vapour in the works - Testing for water vapour permeability of materials

Analytical Instrumentation - the impact of water vapour on the modern world

Water Vapour Barrier Coatings for Paper – Measuring their Effectiveness

O-Rings Or why don’t O rings (or seals &  gaskets) always work?