Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

The Versaperm Range of
Mk VI Permeability Meters

Our broad range of permeability measurements instruments are at the cutting edge of technology and give precise, reliable, easy and fast result.

Our a modular and customisable approach ensures that your instrument meets your precise needs now, and will continue to do so for years to come. This is achieved at a price which is competitive with mass-produced instruments. As world technology leaders, we believe that our equipment is unrivalled.

>Our equipment has repeatedly proven its worth worldwide in an enormous range of industries, from food and pharmaceutical, through to automotive and aerospace, and from R&D laboratories to quality control.
Permeability measurement Equipment - WVTR / MVTR

The instruments can be configured for almost any gas or gases, including water vapour, hydrocarbons, O2, CO2, N2, H2 and He.

Up to three standard sized chamber modules can be included, either for flat samples such as films, or for containers. These can be provided in a range of sizes. The chambers are housed in a temperature controlled cabinet, an may be heated, chilled or otherwise controlled if required.

The range of gases that is suitable for permeability measurement is limited only by the sensors being commercially available. Although we manufacture some sensors ourselves, for most gases we use the current "best available" sensors for any application. We have alliances with many of the leading gas detection companies which operate around the world.

MVTR Moisture Vapour transmission rate measurement
Using our WVTR to measure permeability / diffusion rates

As well as measuring the permeability of water vapour our system meter can be configured to measure the permeability for a range of gases including Helium, hydrocarbons, Oxygen and CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)

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Comparison of Typical WVTR’s - (Relative to Polyamide at 100%)

Best Vapour-barrier materials

WVTR Relative Permeability based on Polyamide at 100%

Cold Form Foil






Polychlorotrifuoroethylene (PCTFE or Aclar)


Polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC or saran)


High-density polyethylene (HDPE)


Polypropylene (PP)


Good Vapour Barrier materials


Low-density polyethylene (LDPE)


Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)


Low vapour-barrier materials


Polyvinyl choride PVC


Acrylonitrile copolymer (Barex)


Polyamide (PA or Nylon)


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