Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Automotive Permeability


Automotive hydrocarbon permeability measurement

Testing the permeability of Automotive products, materials and equipment that work with petrol, oil or other hydrocarbons is mandatory across much of the world. The Versaperm Permeability meter measures the amount of hydrocarbon vapour that either seeps out of a container or diffuses through the body of any materials or components that are used.  Permeability measurements are required both for safety reasons and to meet increasingly strict regulations in the automotive industry.

Automotive hydrocarbon permeability measurementPermeability is the measure of how strongly a material, container or complete assembly can resist the passage of a vapour or gas. In the automotive industry this is usually a hydrocarbon vapour but Versaperm's equipment can be optionally configures to measure most other gases including Oxygen, CO2, Nitrogen or water vapour. 

Vapour permeability transmission rates dramatically affect the safety of automotive components.

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Automotive Permeability Testing

Automotive hydrocarbon permeability measurementAs, a world leader in the measurement of automotive permeability, our a fast, accurate, versatile instrument is ideal for measuring the water or hydrocarbon permeability of vehicle components and materials.

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