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For over three decades, Versaperm has stood at the forefront of permeability measurement equipment, with the remarkable longevity of our earliest machines bearing testament to the enduring quality of our design and craftsmanship. Several of these machines, conceived over thirty years ago, continue to operate seamlessly on a daily basis.

Our extensive engineering and scientific expertise in crafting permeability instrumentation and accessories, coupled with an unwavering commitment to the precision of our machined components and assemblies, ensures that our equipment performs flawlessly from the outset and sustains its efficacy over the long haul.

As a global technology leader in our area, we take pride in the unparalleled technical superiority of our equipment. The modular nature of most of our products and systems allow for easy customization, granting not only unique versatility but also the assurance that our equipment will meet your specifications and accuracy requirements precisely.

Versaperm prides itself on its independence from specific sensor suppliers, providing the flexibility to offer an extensive array of measurement and detection systems. Navigate through our "Sensors" and "Gas Vapour" menus at the top of the page to explore our most common ranges.

Our equipment comes in numerous configurations, capable of determining the permeability of virtually anything – from a minuscule sample to an entire truck or even a wall. At Versaperm, we hold a deep-seated commitment to the quality of our workmanship and the user-friendliness of our equipment. We are dedicated to upholding our scientific edge, craftsmanship, and meticulous attention to the finest details.


Our range of permeability measurement includes (but extends far beyond)


Permeability meter

Permeability metre MS (Mass spectrometry)

Maometric meter

Oxygen meters

Triple chamber meters

O2 and CO2 meters

Helium meter

Plant respiration meter


We also offer a wide range of sensors