Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

BSI BS EN ISO 15496 Textiles - Measurement of the water vapour permeability of textiles for quality control and product development

The Versaperm ISO equipment measures the permeability of textiles - both for quality control and development and is fully compliant with ISO 15496 requirements.

Textile Permeability ISO 15496

This International Standard describes a comparatively simple gravimetric method for testing the water vapour permeability of textiles that provides the manufacturer with a clearly recognized method for quality control within the plant.

The Versaperm system is based on gravimetric measurement and is designed around a high quality solid acrylic water bath that reduces critical thermal losses. 

We also produce an instrumental based system that was developed from our experience measuring very low water vapour permeability rates. This provides us with the ability to perform breathability testing on fabrics and textiles such as Gore-TexTM. Our Instrumental system produces results far more quickly (normally within hours as opposed to days or weeks depending on the sample under test).

Textile Permeability testingWeatherproof textiles are typically plain weaves with yarns coated with a durable water repellent (DWR) finish.  Many also have a microporous or monolithic film, coating, or a bicomponent combination.  Measuring the permeability of such fabrics has historically been fraught with difficulties, with different equipment producing wildly different results – often by as much as 4-500%.

For companies where the throughput is not high enough to warrant dedicated equipment, we provide a laboratory testing service.

Our gravimetric textile permeability measurement equipment, offers a comprehensive permeability testing service and consultancy. The equipment was developed for, and is fully compliant with the detailed specifications and requirements of ISO 15496


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