Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement


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What is Versaperm?

Versaperm - the background


Electronics and Water Vapour - a recipe for disaster

Safety-Critical Fumigation Testing- The dangers of a multi-billion-dollar market

Building Airtightness and Vapour Permeability

Textiles and fabrics that breathe life into the economy

Oxygen permeability measurement and testing for contact lenses

Vapour permeability consultancy

Permeability Testing for Industrial Solvents

Extreme temperature or pressure products and the critical problem of vapour permeability

The critical vapour permeability sensitivity of optical fibres

Ultra-sensitive vapour permeability measurement

Controlling Ethylene fruit and vegetable ripening

Helium vapour permeability testing

Enhanced coatings and paper performance - 500% improvement!

Problems with MAP packaging Foam streaks, pinholes and pits

Extending the shelf life of cosmetics

Permeability: Paint, Products & Plaster - For vapour barriers and all other building materials and structures

Packaging Protection - strength, shelf life & printability without wrap-rages

OLEDs, LEDs, Optoelectronics & flexible screens Preventing O2 & H20 damage

How temperature and pressure effects your seals

Aerospace and Airships …the fabric of success

Pop goes your profit solving the problems of PET drinks bottles

OLEDs, LEDs, Optoelectronics & flexible screens - Preventing O2 & H20 damage

Cosmetics problems- ignore vapour permeability at your peril

The "Bury you head in the sand" approach to Electronics and Water Vapour

Plastics, rubber and the problem of permeability

Underground optical cables and electronic devicesand their problems

Structural Steel Barriers, coatings and claddings and vapour permeability problems

Anaesthetics, medical gasses, drugs contamination and packaging are all critically dependent on vapour permeability

A Fast & New Gas Permeability Meter O2, CO2, nitrogen, hydrocarbons and water vapour

Anti-contamination films, foils and coatings

Farm Plastic Warning

Small changes can have a very big effect on confectionery freshness, quality and shelf-life

Permeability Protection In plastic laminates, films and coatings

Making intelligent, elasticated, textiles fashionable and comfortable to wear

The Head in the Sand Approach to Automotive, Fuel and Water Vapour Permeability Testing 

The Head in the Sand Approach to O-Rings and Seals and Testing 

The Head in the Sand Approach to Quality Control

The Head in the Sand Approach to Packaging - Testing Shelf life extension, strength & printability

The Head in the Sand Approach to MAP And a product's shelf life extension  

The Head in the Sand Approach to Water Vapour in the Marine World 

A hi-tec boost to confectionery freshness, quality and shelf-life

Improving the performance of paper and paper coatings

Shelf-life boost for fruit and vegetables with plant respiration meter

Dual Permeability Measurements in Building Materials

Hi-Performance fabrics and technical textiles

Freezer Burn on Fruit, Vegetables and Meat

Electronics and Water Vapour Measurement

Plastics, rubber and other tubing and a neglected safety-critical problem

How Green is your Airship? Advanced Vapour Permeability Measurement for Airship and Aerospace Fabrics

When Water Must Not Get In

Cosmetics, Medical Packaging and vapour permeability

Equipment with the Altitude to eliminate Wrap Rage

Supercritical CO2 – A green solvent for the Pharmaceutical & Food industries

Purer and more effective medical and pharmaceutical products

Airship and aerospace materials and their vapour permeability's

How to Keep your Sparkle! Fizzy drinks that keep their fizz

The Critical, and Safety-critical Properties of Materials

The Critical Automotive Factor In low permeation fuel systems, tubing, seals and containers

Plastics, Problems & Permeability - In Building and the Construction Industries

The critical permeability of DRUG DELIVERY SYSTEMS

The High Humidity Permeability Problem - Seaweed: Super-film, Super-packaging & Super-food

Liquid Crystal Polymers such as Kevlar and PET - And their vapour permeability

The common failure of O-Rings and Seals

Vapour permeability of adhesives, mastics and bonding films

Marine Ply and Water / Hydrocarbon Vapour Permeability -  Safety Critical Measurements

Plywood and Water Vapour

The Vapour permeability of plastics

The Problems of Agricultural plastics: - Ripening, Respiration and Rot

Coatings & laminated films what stays in and what gets through

Wrap Rage packaging that won't open  

Fruit and vegetables shelf-life extension boost with plant respiration meter

The performance of technical textiles

The Critical Factor - wound dressings and transdermal drug delivery systems

Packaging - strength, product shelf life & printability

Marine electronics - And why it goes wrong


Building CO2 permeation tester - the CO2 flow through membranes, floors, building products and systems