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What is Versaperm?

Versaperm - the background


What links aerospace performance to safety and electronics to gasbags and fuel?

Hot squashed Enclosures and Tubes

Pests and Agricultural Plastics

Performance boosting your optical fibres

Wound dressings transdermal drug delivery

Solving Critical Manufacturing and Materials Problems

Solving the Fuel Cell Problem - Hydrogen permeability – from fuel cells to food & fertilisers

Enhancing an optical fibre’s properties

Airtightness and Vapour Permeability - Measurements for Building Materials

Vapour Permeability Consultancy: Solving multi-Billion Pounds of Problems

The Great Helium Escape!

Five Times improvement with enhanced paper coatings

The Thee Ps - Packaging, Protection and Permeability

Controlling Contamination - In pharmaceutical, healthcare & medical products

Sizzling seals and frozen flanges - Sealing under high and low temperatures & pressures

The Protection racket - Anti-contamination films, foils and coatings

The Supercritical Green wonder-solvent - Supercritical CO2 for the Pharmaceutical & Food industries

Wrap Rage - Packaging you can’t open

Breathable smart and low energy fabrics

THE DAMP Airtightness and Permeability in Building Materials

Beat the Fizz - Or how the Vapour permeability of the container changes the taste

Moisture, Cosmetics & Packaging - The critical role of vapour permeability

The Danger of Water - Solar panels, LEDs and OLEDs

Optimising food packaging can dramatically extend shelf life

The Plane truth about Airships and vapour permeability

Preserving the Taste, food and aromas

You’re never alone with a rubber duck*”Problems with Multilayer Plastics & Coatings

QC or not QC- plastics permeability

Why things fail, jam and rust

Fire, Ice and Permeability - For the food, industrial, aerospace, pharmaceutical and other industries

Saved by the smell Food packaging materials that keep them in or out

Steel, coatings and permeability Problems for skyscrapers, bridges, tunnels, dams and building

Agricultural Pests, Plastics and Permeability

The Curse of Water for LED screens and optoelectronics

Transdermal drug delivery systems and Wound dressings

Multi-layer Plastics and Coatings Problems and Permeability

Helium permeability - a noble test

Vapour permeability causes spectral shifts and fatigue in optical fibres

Fruit and veg respire to survive

A bright spark or a damp squib? Electronics and Water Vapour don’t mix

Airtightness and Permeability in Building Materials

Full of Fashion but Nothing to Wear? ...... Breathability testing for high performance textiles

Permeability Consultancy To solve the UK’s two Billion Pounds a year problem

Wrap Rage - The fury caused by packaging you can’t open

The Seeping Solvent Solution

Fuel and Vapour Permeability Testing for the Automotive industry

Cut medical contamination, boost protection, extend product life - Of everything from blood products to PSE equipment and from drugs and sterilised products to oxygen

Vapour permeability of drinks that lose their sparkle& how to extend the fizz

Controlling transpiration and respiration rates dramatically increases the shelf life of fruit and vegetables

Advanced Semi-Permeable Membranes & improving their performance

Checking seals work Under high and low temperatures and pressures

Sealing your fate -  Solving Critical Manufacturing and Materials Permeability Problems

Vapour Permeabilities and Airtightness change with the Weather !

Paper & Coatings: Defects and Development

The Green swing to Low energy textiles and making them breathable

How to Improve Coatings

How not to make a cake of yourself Vapour permeability of confectionery and its packaging

Fuel cells and vapour permeability

Cosmetics and the critical role of vapour permeability

Implantable electronics and vapour permeability

Vapour Permeability and Epoxies

Ceramic films in food packaging - Permeability leads to a longer life

A building material’s vapour permeability can change by 400+%!

Hot permeability For the food, industrial, aerospace, pharmaceutical and other industries

The power and permeability of ionomers

Packaging and Smells keeping them in, or out

Lime: Render, Paint & Permeability - Reducing costs for buildings

Solving the Solvent (Permeability) Problem

The critical O2 and H2O vapour permeability of medical gels

The O-Ring Trap …or why O-rings, sealants and gaskets don’t work properly

Agricultural Pest control The vapour permeability of solarization sheeting

Cosmetics, Packaging and Science

Electronics and Water Vapour - a recipe for disaster

Safety-Critical Fumigation Testing- The dangers of a multi-billion-dollar market

Building Airtightness and Vapour Permeability

Textiles and fabrics that breathe life into the economy

Oxygen permeability measurement and testing for contact lenses

Vapour permeability consultancy