Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Infrared Gas Sensors

Infrared gas sensors work by beaming infrared light through a gas sample and measuring the absorption spectrum produced. Many gases, such as water vapour, hydrocarbons and CO2 absorb strongly in the infrared and the frequency of the spectral peak characterises the gas.

Typically, the signal produced is compared to reference spectra to identify the gas molecules. However, only one specific absorption region is normally used to determine, quantitatively, the gas concentration.

The wavelengths in the infra red region range between 750 nm and 100 µm.

At Versaperm we are not tied to any specific sensor types or manufacturer and so we can always select exactly the right sensor for an application. Versaperm is a world technology leader in the measurement of gas permeability. We offer not only instruments but also comprehensive testing and consultancy services.