Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Permeability testing of Flat Samples

Vapour permeability testing of flat samples and filmsTo measure the vapour permeability of flat samples they are usually clamped between two halves of a diffusion chamber.Versaperm instruments are unique in their ability to accommodate materials up to approximately 50 mm in thickness in standard mode. Although this is significantly more than most sample holder designs, in fact it is only a limitation in standard mode, and for some applications, the chamber has been modified to accommodate much thicker samples.


There are two common chamber sizes, 1/200 m² and 1/1000 m², which can accommodate samples of about 100mmx100mm and 30mmx30mm. Resolution is higher with larger surface areas. Samples should ideally be larger than the minimum to ease handling.

To test different samples against different sample types against different vapours and gases we have developed a wide range of sensor options to measure the vapour permeability accurately and quickly.


Vapour permeability sensors

Carbon Dioxide Hydrocarbons Photoionization
Catalytic Combustion Hydrogen Pressure Measurements
Coulometric Infrared Semiconductor
Electrochemical Oxygen Thermal Conductivity
Flame Ionization Mass Spectrometer Water Vapour
Gas Chromatography Nitrogen ZrO2
Helium Paramagnetic  

We are currently unable to use radioactive or highly toxic gases. However, please call to discuss your application.

Some of the many sample types we can test in our permeability testing laboratory

Adhesives Fuel Cells Paper
Aerospace Gravimetric Packaging
Automotive ISO15105 Pharmaceutical
Blister Packs Laboratory Plastics and Rubber
Building Materials Leaks and Seals Quality Control
Business waste MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) Sachets an Powders
Edible films Marine Solvents
Electronics Mastics and Adhesives Textiles
Films Medical Vapour Permeability
Freezer Burn O Rings  

Vapour permeability measurement
Foils and sachets