Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Water Vapour Testing (WVTR)

WVTR TESTING Water vapour transmissionWVTR (Water Vapour Transmission Rate) Permeability testing using the Versaperm WVTR meter, is fast, easy, accurate and repeatable. Based on a modular approach that has been designed to ease customisation, Our WVTR meter is built with a variety of options to suit the customer and their precise requirement. This is achieved at a cost that is easily competitive with mass-produced instruments.

WVTR Vapour permeability measurement  

Although the main role of the WVTR meter is testing the water vapour permeability of materials, packaging and finished products, it can be optionally be configured for a range of gases including Helium, hydrocarbons, Oxygen and CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)



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