Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

The Versaperm Respiration Rate Meter - Mk VI

vERSAPERM Plant respiration rate meter

Our Respiration Rate Meter Mk VI is the latest development in a line of permeability meters that started 30 years ago. The Mk VI builds on the robust and reliable characteristics of the previous versions, yet achieves greater levels of automation and ease of use for the customer, without the loss of accuracy and repeatability.


Our Respiration Rate Meter Mk VI is a measuring device that has been designed for the fruit and vegetable produce markets. It is used primarily to optimise packaging to extend shelf life in chilled and ambient conditions, both during shipping and display stages.

Loose Produce Respiration Rate

Loose produce may be placed inside a chamber of approximately 2 litres in volume. This chamber is sealed and the oxygen, carbon dioxide and humidity levels monitored by recirculating the air inside it through the appropriate sensors. Before recirculation, the composition of the gas in the chamber may be changed by purging with any blend of nitrogen, carbon dioxide or oxygen. The changes in the 3 gases are plotted in real time, and stored for future reference. From these the rates of respiration can be determined. Also the changes at different temperatures may be monitored.

Respiration and photosynthesis, alt=Whole Package Testing

A shelf is conveniently located above the loose produce chamber in the controlled temperature cabinet. Once the temperature has reached equlibrium a probe needle is inserted in the package and located towards the centre of the produce. The atmosphere at this point is then drawn into the system, in much the same way as the loose produce chamber. The output gas from the sensors may be returned to the package via a secondary probe. This will help maintain an undisturbed environment in the package. If required the composition of the gases in the pack may be controlled as in the Loose Produce Chamber Again the changes over time may be monitored. Also the change at different temperatures may be measured.

Extension tubes are provided to allow the sampling of a whole package that is located in a chill cabinet nearby to the instrument.

Instrument Overview

The Versaperm Permeability Meter Mk VI typically operates by the sweep gas method. Pure nitrogen is passed into the temperature-controlled cabinet and through an appropriate chamber for the material or object under test. The oxygen gas swept from the chamber is then measured using a sensitive specific detector. The result is displayed on the instrument touch-screen for further analysis.

Computerised Control

The computerised control of the instrument allows for the automation of many parts of the process. Customised software is written for each instrument, which can be tailored to suit each customer's requirements.

Wide Range of Measurement Conditions.

Chamber temperature is typically controlled to 0.1 °C from ambient -20°C to 65°C. Indicated temperature is accurate to 0.5°C.

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Errors and omissions excepted.


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