Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Vapour Permeability Testing


Vapour Permeability Testing EquipmentVapour Permeability testing using our latest permeability testing equipment is fast, easy, accurate and repeatable. Versaperm MKVI Vapour permeability testing instruments are based on a modular approach which is designed to ease customisation. Thus each Vapour permeability testing instrument is built with a variety of options to suit the customer and their particular application. This is achieved at prices which are competitive with mass-produced instruments.

Vapour permeability is the measure of how strongly a material can resist the barrier passage of any gas (such as water vapour, Oxygen, CO2 or a hydrocarbon).  Vapour permeability dramatically affects the physical characteristics of most products and materials, from outdoor clothing to missiles and from pizza to industrial seals.

Different gases have varying permeability for the same material.

Vapour permeability measurementGenerally speaking nitrogen oxide has the lowest vapour permeability and that the vapour permeability of oxygen is 25 times greater.  The vapour permeability for carbon dioxide is 10 to 25 times greater than for nitrogen oxide.

The range of gases which are suitable for permeability measurement is limited only by sensors being commercially available, and cost. Although we manufacture some sensors ourselves, for most gases we are able to utilise the current best available sensors for each application. Therefore we have alliances with several leading gas detection companies which operate around the world

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