Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Seal Integrity Verification and High Altitude Shipping Simulator

Seal Integrity Verification Gemco SIV IIIThe SIV III has been re-designed to check, accurately, that packaging seems / seals don't leak and are strong enough to hold, but gentle enough to allow easy opening. A "Seal Burst" test mode also allows you to ensure the package can meet a minimum force without failing. 

High Altitude Shipping simulatorThe SIV also has the ability to simulate shipping a packaged box of dry goods at high altitudes. The number of peaks, the heights of the inclines (or peak), the ramp speed (or rate), and the time at the peak are configurable through the controller.

Once specific seal leakage parameters have been defined by the user, the operator simply selects the food code and closes the chamber door to initiate the test cycle.  Lights signal pass or fail after each test, and the seal strength is checked / verified.  The equipment accurately test the seal of a product in a bag only or with the bag inside a cereal box.

Seal strength parameters are also pre-programmed into the test cycle.  Operator selection of the burst test mode automatically test the package to insure that it withstands a minimum force without bursting.  The operator can optionally select a test cycle that will burst the seal to provide comparative burst strengths.

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Designed specifically for this application, our Gemco SIV III meets the need to evaluate seam / seal integrity in a production line environment through both leak and burst testing capability and features many ease of operation programming.

  • The New SIV III programming eliminates several manual calibration adjustments that were needed on the SIV II. 
  • The SIV III  new product is CE Certified for sales in the European Market and checks both for leaks and burst pressure.  
  • New control test parameters can be downloaded to an SD card and uploaded to other SIV III units.
  • PLC will store 1000 test results in the memory. 
  • The new unit contains a 570 Color Unitronics PLC for easier operation  
  • Test results can be read in US imperial measurements or Metric.
  • Unique design of the S.I.V. II incorporates a dedicated PLC to provide both automatic test cycle sequencing and data analysis. 

High Altitude Shipping Simulator (HASS)

The controller setup allows the user to configure multiple peaks. Each peak has a height, ramp, and hold parameter. The controller will execute each peak in sequence. Once the controller finishes the hold time for the last peak the controller will ramp down to 0 ft. at the ramp rate for the last peak. The vacuum level of the chamber is controlled by modulating a proportional valve which is connected to the input of a Venturi vacuum generator so different vacuum levels and ramp rates can easily be achieved.  Click for further details on High Altitude Shipping

SIV II and earlier

We can upgrade earlier versions of this equipment to meet the high standards of the SIV III, thus offering even greater reliability, wider methodology and an improved user interface.

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