Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement


servceWe are committed to servicing and plan to continue to service all of the EPS WVTR meters we have produced during the last 30+ years, alongside our modern Versaperm permeability instruments. Many, indeed most, of these are still leading robust, valuable working lives


Our older, simpler, WVTR instruments require regular maintenance, for example the electronics needs to be calibrated, ideally on an annual basis. Electrolytic cells are refurbished and re-coated as required.

Our modern highly automated instruments are designed to be as robust and reliable as their manual counterparts, and will perform optimally with regular maintenance and calibration. While as much as possible is automated or included in the normal operating procedures, calibration may require site servicing.

Maintaining measurement and quality control equipment in optimum running order is often critical for the long-term success of our clients. Our specific technical and scientific expertise, combined with the knowledge gained from over 30 years of research in the vapour permeability field, has allowed us to maintain an almost un-matchable service record for our equipment.

We pride ourselves on both the quality of our instruments and our service plans.

Permeability servicing