Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement



Sample holder for vapour permeability testingConsumables for the instrumental techniques include reference samples, gaskets and seals, filters, nickel basins, and other parts specific to each instrument.

For gravimetric techniques, we stock an excellent WVTR (or MVTR) wax, used to seal the sample into the cup. We also produce cups which are faster to prepare than the wax-sealed cups, as they are closed with a set of finger screws. This results in a fast sample loading, easy cleaning and thus faster turnaround between sample sets. These are typically made in stainless steel or anodised aluminium, but polymeric versions are available where required.

We also stock some grades of semi-permeable membranes for wet cup gravimetric testing, commonly used in the fabric industry

Permeability sample holder

Gravimetric cup  for vapour permeability testing
Gravimetric cup

Sealing wax  for vapour permeability testing
Sealing wax