Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Measuring the permeability of enclosures and containers


The Versaperm Permeability Laboratory can quickly and accurately measure the permeability of enclosures and containers from the smallest pill blisters through to large tanks. Measuring the vapor permeavility of a contaoiner or enclosure

In cases where a container is sealed on the production line, the most representative measurements are obtained from samples where a source of the gas, such as water for water vapour transmission rates, is sealed into the container on a production basis. This allows us to test the samples rapidly and accurately, without any interference or sample preparation. Where this is not possible, a range of alternative techniques are available.

We use a range of chamber sizes, from 100 ml to 3 litre, fitted inside the instruments. For large samples, external temperature controlled chambers are used. Our current limit is about twice the size of a 40 ft shipping container!

Some of the many sample types we can test in our permeability testing laboratory

Adhesives Fuel Cells Paper
Aerospace Gravimetric Packaging
Automotive ISO15105 Pharmaceutical
Blister Packs Laboratory Plastics and Rubber
Building Materials Leaks and Seals Quality Control
Business waste MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) Sachets an Powders
Edible films Marine Solvents
Electronics Mastics and Adhesives Textiles
Films Medical Vapour Permeability
Freezer Burn O Rings  

Measuring the vapor permeavility of a contaoiner or enclosure






Please call to discuss your application needs before dispatching or preparing samples.