Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Paramagnetic Oxygen Sensors

Paramagnetic oxygen sensors are based around a small glass dumbbell filled with an inert gas. The dumbbell is suspended by a platinum wire inside a cylindrical container. This is held within a non-uniform magnetic field.

When a gas flows through the sensor, its oxygen molecules are attracted to the stronger areas of the magnetic field, making it rotate. This is usually measured either by an optical system. In some designs, an opposing current is applied and to maintain the dumbbell's position. The current needed to do this is proportional to the partial pressure of oxygen.

Paramagnetic oxygen sensors offer good response time characteristics and use no consumable parts.

At Versaperm we are not tied to any specific sensor types or manufacturer and so we can always select exactly the right sensor for an application. Versaperm is a world technology leader in the measurement of gas permeability. We offer not only instruments but also comprehensive testing and consultancy services.