Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Measuring the permeability of mastics and adhesives


Permeability measurement o mastic or sealMeasuring the vapour permeability of a mastic or adhesive (or seal) is simple with our new permeability measurement equipment, although sometimes it requires a specific additional jig.

The equipment quickly and reliably measures the permeability and diffusive flow of vapours across the mastic, seal or adhesive barrier - which can be a sample of the mastic or adhesive or a component with the mastic or adhesive in place,

Our new permeability meter allows you to measure vapour permeability for a wide range of gases, including O2, N2, He, Hydrocarbons gases and water vapour.


The permeability meter needs no re-calibration, is simple to use and can achieve accuracies of better than one part per million (with some samples a few parts per hundred million). 

We also provide a comprehensive permeability testing service.

Laboratory (R&D) permeability testing

An enormous range of Sealants and Adhesives is in widespread daily use.  In many applications and situations one of the critical factors for a mastic or adhesive is its ability to prevent the ingress or exit of water, hydrocarbons (usually in vapour form) or other gases.  This requires a measurement of the permeability the adhesive or mastic – which could be Non Silicon sealants, Expanding PU Foams, Gap filling Adhesive, PU Adhesives, PVA and contact Adhesives, Specialist Tapes,  Acetoxy or a Neutral Silicone.

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