Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Catalytic Combustion Sensors (Pellistor)

Catalytic Combustion Sensor - PellistorThe catalytic combustion technique is a widely used method for detecting and qualitatively measuring flammable gases.

A catalytic palletised resistor or pellistor, is based on a fine coil of platinum wire, embedded within a ceramic pellet coated with a catalysts. When the surface is heated it allows oxidation to occur in a chemical reaction similar to combustion. This reaction releases heat, and the temperature of the catalyst together, pellet and coil to rise.

This change in temperature alters the electrical resistance of the coil in a way linearly dependent on the temperature. The resistance is directly related to the actual number of molecules of the gas being measured.

Pellistors are manufactured in pairs, one with an electrically matched element but no no catalyst, this acts as a reference and eliminates stray environmental factors other than the presence of the flammable gas.

At Versaperm we are not tied to any specific sensor types or manufacturer and so we can always select exactly the right sensor for an application. Versaperm is a world technology leader in the measurement of gas permeability. We offer not only instruments but also comprehensive testing and consultancy services.