Versaperm Vapour Permeability measurement

Permeability: Leaks and Seals


Permeability measurements of seals, O-rings, Gaskets and mastics

Measuring the permeability of seals and systems that leak can be accurate, simple and fast with our current range of permeability meters. These can determine the permeability of both individual seals, such as O rings, gaskets and mastics as well as measuring the overall leakage rate of a product or component.

The permeability of an in-situ seals can vary greatly from values that have been calculated from the permeability of the material used in a seal. With some manufacturing techniques reducing permeability to just 25% of their predicted value.

Our meter offers highly automated computerised control and is capable of coping with several samples at a time, giving results that can be accurate to a few part per million (with some samples a few parts per hundred million). Where required, flow rates considerably in excess of 3,000g/m2/day can also be measured using alternative techniques.

Versaperm also offers a laboratory testing service for companies who test too few samples to make the purchase of equipment viable. Where required by legislation our testing service also includes gravimetric testing of sachets, pouches and other products/materials.

The Permeability of leaks and sealsThe measurement of leakage and seals

Everything leaks, even if it is just the movement of gas molecules through a container’s walls.   The critical issue with a seal or a leak is the rate at which it leaks – known as its permeability.

Everything has microscopic holes in it and atoms and molecules can permeate or pass through.  Good seals help reduce this “leakage”. The critical point is to decide how large and numerous the holes can be without the product failing.

In most cases we relate this to a pre-defined standard or permeability specification for the product, leak or seal under test. This page covers the measurement of permeability for seals and leaks

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